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Thursday, July 8, 2010

An Enthralling And Exploring Tour To Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country situated in South Asia. Owing to neighbor country of India it has similarity of culture, language and religion with it. Sri Lanka is renowned for its production of tea, coconut, rubber and coffee. These productions contribute much in its economy. Real beauty of nature in the form of forests, sea life, wild life and beaches can be experienced by cheap Flights to Sri Lanka. Moreover, Sri Lanka has strong cultural, religious and architectural importance. Historical places like Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Mihintale, Dambulla, are much significant from touristic point of view. Ancient civilization and culture of Sri Lanka can be directly observed by visiting these historical places by making a reservation in Sri Lanka flights.

Festivals in Sri Lanka
Like many countries Sri Lankan also celebrate many festivals. Most prominent of these festivals are Esala Perahera, Patti Pongal, Deepavali, and Thai Pongal. Esala Perahera is remarkable festival celebrated in Sri Lanka. Buddhist celebrates this festival with great zeal and zest. They organize dances and adorn elephants.Fire, kandian, whip and several cultural dances are extraordinary.

Safari in Sri Lanka:
Practicing wild life safaris in prominent and famous national parks of Sri Lanka by Sri Lanka flights is a great fun. These wild lives include elephant, leopard, bear, monkey, golden jackal etc. By camping in these parks you can closely and personally observe the wild life. Besides wild life, sea life also leaves a spell on its visitors. Sea creations like Whales and Dolphins can be seen at Dondra point by Flights to Sri Lanka.

Though national sport is volleyball, but the most fastidious and popular sport is cricket in Sri Lanka. You can also enjoy many exciting aquatic sports such as swimming, scuba driving boating and surfing on beaches by cheap flights to Sri Lanka. Football, tennis and athletics are also mostly watchable sports here. Aquatic sports attracts every year a huge throng of visitors not only from Sri Lanka but also from other countries.

Beaches and valleys:
Explore and enjoy the sight of worlds remarkable beaches by flights Sri Lanka. Green water, cold breezes, palm trees and elegant atmosphere will leave an everlasting impact on you. Sri Lanka is also marked with eye catching valleys which are deep, green, soothing and widely visited. Flights to Sri Lanka will lead you to these fastidious beaches and valleys.http://www.srilankaflights.org.uk/


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